Full Spectrum LUMINARIES

May 3, 2010

Inspiration, passion, unity, Love are all the words that come to me when I think of the Consciousness Hip Hop group LUMINARIES, They have a certain force that most band don’t have, seeing them live is most defiantly a treat, the energy is one of a kind, they will make you move, they will make you think, they will make you realize we are all on the same path and all want the same things, and that it is all possible we just need get up and open our eyes and heart spread the change and love through the world that may not always love you back but through all that love and energy we can change the world and come back to the essence and be all ONE .The best way to end this post is a lyric from their song Peace “Peace world Wide, starts from inside” Every second of your life you have choices and just remember those choices have reactions.


Must Indulge in…

March 5, 2010

A candle along the path, This book contains a beautiful love story, not just on a human level but on a global level. It tells the story of Alphonso Colono, and how he enters into a secret work behind the curtain. This book holds true to its self every page till the end, it will make you smile, it will give you hope its can also make you cry. It is written beautifully, and will make you keep on reading till the last page. Every page leads to the next every truth lead to more truth. I feel this book brings out the best in people it makes you want to be more then you are now, this book is a must read if your on a spiritual path or even if you just a enjoy a wonderful book.

Peace and Light be with you.

Under cover musac

March 1, 2010

The beats fill the streets, we march. the drum beats . The voices fill the void. Smiles projected through out the streets, the chords ring with compassion, almost like a sense of fashion.  United like the melody’s of song the people smile so long. What a wonderful world we live in when you sing the song of compassion.  We wander and wander but with purpose. Never looking back at what is without a smile, we shall move only the way our hearts bid the rule is if you hear you must sing.

The Human Race

January 17, 2010

This post goes out to the people in Haiti, My prayers blessings and energy goes out to them, I can’t even imagine being in their position, This is why we all need to come tougher and do some thing, Lets take some time out of our beautiful Lives that we are so blessed to have and lend a helping hand to thous that don’t, We all have the power do every thing now let’s do that. Have it be even giving a dollar, making people aware of whats happening, gathering food or even just sending good energy. Everything helps, just don’t think that you can’t do anything because then you already can’t. If you have any ideas on what we can do to help please inform me, I will donate and help in any way possible. Lets look passed this silly thing called Race and be Human inspire each other to help one another, Much, Much Love goes out to all of you, Now lets multiply that Love and send it to Haiti.


January 6, 2010

The Art of Yoga

January 2, 2010

Length, space and flow. The Art of Yoga, Yoga is a way to focus your mind on the problem at hand through breath control, focusing your mind to be in the present . You let go and just be, move through each of the asanas (postures). Yoga lets you empty your mind of all the clutter. It’s relaxing, its challenging, and its re-energizing. It is a mental and physical “exercise” at the same time it lets your creat balance between the mental and the physical. Most of the normal exercise you do you feel brunt out tried; this is not the case with yoga. The more you put into the asanas (postures), the better you feel walking out of there. It’s all about touching places that haven’t been touched in a while. Yoga has helped me become closer to my self, to reflect a little more on how my life has impact on this entire plant and how ever decision you make impacts yourself and every one around you. It also has made me generally feel better and more energized. You can be of any denomination to practice yoga, sure there are stories of GOD’s in yoga and what they do, just simply view them as stories with morals like all good stories and to give praise to them is only giving praise to what they stand for, a symbol; it may be of hope justice or what ever else they may represent. In order to get involved in yoga all you have to do is visit a studio. There are many types of yogas out there, choosing one may just have to be through trying out a few of them. If you are in some sort of financial trouble there are many donation based yoga studios, look for them in your area. Donation based dose not mean free, it is the act of giving what you are able to give remember what you give lets some one else live the benefits of yoga if they do not have the funds to contribute. Here  are some links to some of the studios in the  Santa Monica and Los Angeles area, some are donation based some are not. http://lafreebee.com/freedonation-based-yoga-santa/ , http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=donation+yoga&find_loc=Los+Angeles%2C+CA. Some of the main asanas of Yoga

Just A quote…

December 31, 2009
“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”


Der kampf

December 23, 2009

We fight and fight, taking turns to hurt. People’s lives are lead by fear. When will it end? This world’s coming to an end. My Friend, my friend, we fight and we fight, with crying minds, we walk down the street with your neighbor as your enemy. Bad thoughts corrupt judgment of man, so take blame. Living in fame, you’re a shame, who is living a lie. You drown in your own mind as thought nothing is enough. Quit bluffing, you aren’t going anywhere unless you open up. Open the doors, and you might find the strength to walk through them. You think the end is done, but you keep on fending because you are wrong. It will keep coming again and again. So, show more than your selfish love, and show more than your infatuated look to above. Love without heart is no love from the start. Take your turn, without looking back. You think you are pushing ahead, but in truth you are stuck. Pretty soon you’re going to understand my friend, you are fucked!

Edited by:  Antonio Delupis


December 21, 2009

The time, the time is now. Open your eyes and dismantle these lies, the lies the lies must be undisguised,the age of salvation, the age of love backed by open hearts  we lead into the darkness with no fear. Push the thoughts out, the ones that tear you down, no more need, no more need to feed this beast, salvation is near the end of fear, no more tears, every thing will be clear. Belive it, dream it.

Listen and you might just learn

December 16, 2009

Listen to the sound of life, listen to the music of truth, for freedom is not far, hiding measures hidden meanings, hiding keys. If you listened just for a second, you might just hear. Open the door. Come alive light your fire. The sun, the starts the moon, pure power. Humans conscious energy moving through an ocean of motion. Multiply, progress, grow, love, create. Think more, act more, be more, want more but never take more, then you will be more, ground your self, hard as a rock, tough as a wall. Set rules, respect; take it, receive it, give it, love it, show it. It’s out there repeat the process its been done, countless number of times. Achieve all when you see the truth, follow the light endlessly . Never lose sight  the light will set you free the darkness is blinding, never finding,  tithing around you, web of karma spun around you, never found. The choice is yours chose your side, the time is now to show your true light your true life, we fight now endlessly against the forces of the dark we will never falter will shall go on till the last candle has burned out no measure of failure,take control of  your mind, open your heart it defines you it is you when you embrace it. Let it shine its more than time, no time, be time. Feel time, lose time.